At The End Of A Century (2CD + DVD)

Art Of Noise

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DVD inneholder:

01.Born Again (menu audio)
02.Born Again
03.The Art of Debussy
04.Serenade of the Dolls (Out-take from The Art of Debussy)
05.Rain (Out-take from The Art of Debussy)
06.Blue Murder (Out-take from The Art of Debussy)
07.Out Of This World (Version 138)
08.Something is Missing
09.Born On A Sunday
10.Moments in Love
11.Rapt: In The Evening Air
13.On Being Blue
14.The Holy Egoism Of Genius
15.Beat Box / Close (to the Edit)
16.Peter Gunn
18.Il Pleure (At The Turn of the Century)
19.Art of Noise is for...
20.Something is Missing (Reprise)
21.La Flûte De Pan
22.Dreaming In Colour
23.Out Of This World (Version 138)
24.Something is Missing
25.Born On A Sunday
26.Moments in Love
27.Rapt: In The Evening Air
29.On Being Blue
30.The Holy Egoism Of Genius
31.Beat Box / Close (to the Edit)
32.Peter Gunn
34.Il Pleure (At The Turn of the Century)
35.Art of Noise is for...
36.La Flûte De Pan
37.Dreaming In Colour
38.A Sales Device
39.Dreaming In Colour
41.Something is Missing
42.Something is Missing (Coexistence, Take 4)
43.La Flûte De Pan (Coexistence, Rehearsals)
44.A Public Audience with Art of Noise – live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Paul Morley intro)
45.A Public Audience with Art of Noise – live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Paul Morley outro)


Disk 1
  1. Intro (Disc 1)
  2. Dans Le Style D’une Sarabande, Mais Sans Rigeur
  3. The Falling Rocket
  4. A Distant Ringing Of Horns
  5. Bayonet
  6. Bored On A Sunday
  7. Hummingbird
  8. Dans Le Style D’un Chanson Populaire
  9. Intro (Disc 2)
  10. The Food Of Love
  11. Music For The I
  12. Dreaming In Colour
  13. Speechless Creatures
  14. Middle, Index And Thumb
  15. It’s All In The Ears
  16. On CD
  17. Intro (Disc 3)
  18. Driving Rain Plus
  19. The Case For A Complete Performance
  20. Blue Murder
  21. The Interrupted Serenade
  22. Ce N’est Pas Fini!
  23. The Reflection Of A Reflection
  24. In The Balance (Across The Century)
  25. Fin-De-Siecle
  26. Un Tendre Et Triste Regret
Disk 2
  1. Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century)
  2. Born On A Sunday
  3. Dreaming In Colour
  4. On Being Blue
  5. Rapt: In The Evening Air
  6. Metaforce
  7. The Holy Egoism Of Genius
  8. La Flute De Pan
  9. Out Of This World
  10. Metaphor On The Floor
  11. Approximate Mood Swing No. 2
  12. Pause
  13. Dreaming (Colour Yellow)
  14. Dreaming (Colour Green)
  15. Dreaming (Colour Black)
  16. Dreaming (Colour Silver)


Utgitt 2015 Format 2CD + DVD
Sjanger Pop Antall disker 3
Antall spor 42 Artist Art Of Noise
Label Salvo Bestillingsnummer SALVOSVX029