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  1. Prologue
  2. ACT 1 - Interlude (Dawn)
  3. The truth...the pity...and the truth
  4. Oh, hang at open doors the net
  5. Good morning, good morning!
  6. I have to go from pub to pub
  7. Let her among you without fault
  8. And do you prefer the storm
  9. Picture what that day was like
  10. They listen to money
  11. What harbour shelters peace
  12. Interlude (Storm)
  13. Past time to close!; A joke's a joke
  14. We live and let live
  15. Now the Great Bear and Pleiades
  16. Old Joe has gone fishing
  17. ACT 2 - Interlude (Sunday morning)
  18. Glitter of waves
  19. Grimes is at his exercise
  20. We planned that our lives should have a new start
  21. From the gutter
  22. Passacaglia
  23. Go there!
  24. In dreams I've built myself some kindlier home
  25. The whole affair
  26. ACT 3 - Interlude (Moonlight)
  27. Assign your prettiness to me; Mr Keene! Can you spare a moment
  28. Good night! It's time for bed
  29. Embroidery in childhood
  30. Mister Swallow
  31. Who holds himself apart
  32. Interlude
  33. Steady! There you are!
  34. Final Scene