The Jimmy Carl Black Story (CD)

Jon Larsen

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Utgitt 2008 Format CD
Sjanger Jazz Antall disker 1
Antall spor 33 Artist Jon Larsen
Label Zonic Entertainment Bestillingsnummer ZEN2003
Disk 1
  1. En Route
  2. Hi Boys and Girls, I'm Jimmy Carl Black
  3. An Early Glimpse of Planet Ruth
  4. Spaceship Bigear, Pt. 3
  5. Turn It on, Elliot
  6. A Helping Hand from Unca Mickey
  7. Opal, You Hot Little Bitch
  8. Jimmy Carl Black's Dachs Reduction
  9. Mayday from Space
  10. First Encounter in Space with a Real Martian
  11. Oh No, She's Trying to Rip My Spacesuit Open
  12. A Creature Is Lurking in the Shadow
  13. Jimmy-As-A-Ghost
Disk 2
  1. "My Name Is Jimmy Carl Black"
  2. The Atomic Gadget on Anthony/"That Happened in Our Little Town"
  3. "No Trumpets in Rock'n'roll"/The Keys
  4. California in 1964/"In Walked Roy Estrada"/The Soul Giants/Auditioning
  5. "Then We Went to Hawaii"/LSD
  6. Back to LA/Frenchy's a Go-Go/The Original Suzy Creamcheese/"You, You an
  7. San Francisco and Fillmore West/Freak out Comes Out/"Turn It on, Elliot
  8. New York City/Absolutely Free/Off-Off Broadway at the Garrick Theater/D
  9. Europe 1967/Barbarella and Roger Vadim/Zappa Food Poisoned in Italy/Sto
  10. "He Didn't Like Hippies"/Jammin' with Jimi Hendrix
  11. Miami Pop Festival/Freak out at the Cast Away Hotel/Arthur Brown/Jimi H
  12. Captain Beefheart/Dealing with Herbie/Linda Ronstadt
  13. Back to California 1968/The Mothers' Second European Tour/Royal Festiva
  14. Janis Joplin/Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane
  15. Donuts in Austin 1973/New Mexico/Big Sunny and the Little Boys/Bandidos
  16. Albuquerque/Clearly Classical/The Blob Shaped LP/Welcome Back Geronimo
  17. Zappa Music Again/The Austin Grandmothers 1988/Settlement with Frank
  18. Eugene Chadbourne/Germany/Dreams on Longplay/The Grandmothers/The Muffi
  19. Meeting Moni/"Not on Sunday, Not in Bavaria"
  20. The Grandmothers 1998/Eating the Astoria/Leukemia/Jack & Jim Show/Strange N