Extraordinary True Stories (UK-import) (DVD)

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Collection of ten films based on real events. 'First Do No Harm' (1996) stars Meryl Streep as Lori Reimuller who takes on the medical establishment in a battle to save her son Robbie (Seth Adkins), who has begun suffering from epileptic fits. 'Freefall - Flight 174' (1995) follows a state-of-the-art Boeing 767 airliner when it runs out of fuel at 41,000 feet. Captain Bob Pearson (William Devane) has nowhere to land and a storm is approaching fast. Can he turn the plane into a glider and avoid a fatal crash? In 'Deadly Whispers' (1995) Tom and Carol Acton (Tony Danza and Pamela Reed)'s family is torn apart when Tom is suspected of killing their eldest teenage daughter. 'Sharing the Secret' (2000) follows the family turmoil created by a teenager's struggle with bulimia. In 'Gone in the Night' (1996) a commited journalist, a university professor, a lawyer and a seasoned detective see through the hysteria of a young girl's abduction and attempt to help the parents get to the bottom of the terrible crime. 'Death in the Shadows' (1998) dramatizes the conviction of surgeon Dr Sam Sheppard (Peter Strauss) for allegedly murdering his wife, as seen from the point of view of his son Chip (Henry Czerny). When his father is eventually released, Chip reaches back to the past in an attempt to prove his dad's innocence once and for all. 'The Other Woman' (1995) follows a dying mother as she worries about who will look after her two daughters when she is gone. In 'Behind the Mask' (1999) Dr Bob Shushan (Donald Sutherland) tries to find a role in society for James (Matthew Fox), the disturbed and withdrawn young man who saved him from a heart attack. In 'To Live For' (1999), after discovering she has cancer, Susan Allen (Nancy Travis) decides to spend what time she has left living life to the fullest with her ten-year-old daughter Carson (Jamie Renee Smith). She also has to make the agonising decision where to 'place' Carson after her death. Finally, in 'Trial By Fire' (1995) trouble brews in Paradise Valley, a middle class urban oasis, when Kip Bouchmoyer (Andrew Kavovit), a highly strung young student, commits suicide. Kip was known to be close to one of his teachers, Paulette Gill (Gail O'Grady), before his death - and even hinted to friends that he may have been involved with her romantically. What does fate hold in store for Paulette, who maintains that she only had a professional relationship with the boy?

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