Richard D. James Album (VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram + MP3)

Aphex Twin

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In a career filled with re-invention, Aphex Twin comes full circle, with an album named after his real-life identity, RICHARD D. JAMES. James performs his usual boundary-jumping, genre-crashing magic, constantly changing gears and never standing still. Melodies are drawn from an infinite variety of sonic sources and juxtaposed with harsh, stuttering breakbeats and placid keyboards in ever-changing permutations. James manages to coax a wide range of emotion from his synthesizers, from the whimsical, playful melodic line which introduces 4. to the harsh beat and angular accompaniment of Cornish Acid. Peek 824545201 throws down a skittish, slithering beat, while Corn Mouth is a jumble of techno shrapnel. To Cure A Weaking Child makes haunting use of sampled voices of children, reassembling them into words and repeated phrases. Drums and keyboard sounds meld into one another freely and playfully. James further showcases his ability to recycle traditional sounds into altogether new forms with the string arrangements of Goon Gumpas and Girl/Boy Song, but nowhere is this gift utilized more effectively than in Logan Rock Witch, whose goofy rhythm and church organ support a chiming, sparse, guitar-like melody line.


  1. 4
  2. Cornish Acid
  3. Peek 824545201
  4. Fingerbib
  5. Corn Mouth
  6. To Cure A Weakling Child
  7. Goon Gumpas
  8. Yellow Calx
  9. Girl/Boy Song
  10. Logan Rock Witch


Utgitt 1996 Reutgitt 2013
Format VINYL - 2LP - 180 gram + MP3 Sjanger Electronica
Antall disker 1 Antall spor 10
Artist Aphex Twin Label Warp
Bestillingsnummer WARPLP43


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