Sign 'O' The Times (Remastered) - Limited Super Deluxe Edition (VINYL - 13LP - 180 Gram + DVD + BOK)


Slippes 25/09
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  • LP 1-2: Sign O' The Times album - remastered for the very first time by original mastering engineer Bernie Grundman (16 tracks)
  • LP 3-4: 7” edits / 12” mixes / promo versions / etc. (13 tracks)
  • LP 5-6: Prince Vault - 100% previously unreleased material (45 tracks)
  • LP 10-13: previously unreleased Sign O' The Times live concert, Utrecht, Netherlands, 20 June 1987 (18 tracks)
  • DVD: previously unreleased New Year’s Eve concert at Paisley Park on 31st December, 1987 (2h15m running time)

Spread across 13 LPs, the Sign O' The Times Super Deluxe Edition boasts a total of 92 audio tracks, of which 63 are previously unreleased, and of which half (46) are completely unheard of and have never even been bootlegged.

Of the five previously unreleased CDs/LPs, three are made up of Vault studio material, with the other two presenting a complete live audio recording of Prince’s 20/06/87 concert in Utrecht, Netherlands

The Super Deluxe Edition also includes a new DVD featuring Prince’s previously unreleased New Year’s Eve concert at Paisley Park on 31st December, 1987 (and which features a cameo appearance by Miles Davis).

The Super Deluxe Edition will be packaged in a 12” box with a lenticular cover and will feature a 120 page 12” hardback book featuring multiple sets of brand new liner notes and a treasure trove of photography by Prince’s official photographer of the time, Jeff Katz, including many previously unseen shots.


Utgitt 1987 Reutgitt 2020
Format VINYL - 13LP - 180 Gram + DVD + BOK Sjanger Rock
Antall disker 14 Artist Prince
Bestillingsnummer 0603497847099